enables the facilitation of strategic and participative organization design processes that leaders and teams can have confidence in.
What is
  • An intuitive app created to enable real-time org design with others (including through teleconferencing platforms including Zoom or Microsoft Teams)
  • Robust, secure and based on leading org design methodology, as used by Metalogue consultants
  • Flexible Microsoft Azure-based web-based tool built for the messy and iterative nature of organization design
Benefits of using
  • Allows everyone participating to see how ideas unfold in real time and to play an active role in the design process
  • Maintains a clear shared record of ideas as they unfold and of decisions as they are taken
  • No delay for “writing up” and outputs can be exported immediately
  • Enables facilitators to concentrate on facilitating high quality (virtual) conversations while technology works effortlessly in the background
  • Doing design virtually would normally require an extra technical facilitator – Orgwith enables you to reduce the size of the facilitation team
Features and Functionality
  • Drag & drop user interface to minimise hassle & maximise participation
  • Import, add and edit activity listings as the building blocks of design options
  • Build designs and compare options easily
  • Work together in plenary or assign Breakout Facilitators
  • Save and name design options
  • Compare options easily
  • Export design data in Excel to create role definitions
  • "Save as you go" functionality
  • Stable and secure as hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform
  • Built to run on Chrome and Safari PCs
Options builder example
Design builder example
“SINGLE” for 1 design project plus a demo/training design: £1,495 per year Incudes a demo design, a training session on the app and up to 5 users. App access lasts for 12 months.

“PREMIUM” for 2-5 design projects plus a demo/training design: £4,995 per year Includes 2 training sessions on the app and up to 15 users App access lasts for 12 months.

“PREMIUM+” for 5-15 design projects: £9,995 per year Includes 4 training sessions on the app and up to 25 users App access lasts for 12 months.

We offer reduced rates for UK public sector organizations, charities and NGOs
We do not currently offer subscriptions to consultancies in the UK / Europe
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